Transition Support

Kim supported us with the care of our 3-month old infant over the course of three weeks, as we faced the difficult transition of going back to work. In a very short amount of time, Kim developed a special and trusting bond with her. It was an absolute joy to see her happy and thriving in their care and expertise: our child grew leaps and bounds! My partner and I also learned so much from them, which was invaluable as new parents cut off from family support (due to the travel restrictions during the pandemic). We were blown away by Kim’s wealth of knowledge, but also their ability to adapt to our particular needs (not to mention an immense sense of intuition with both child and parents). Kim was instrumental in helping us ease out of the “fourth trimester” and we’d be over the moon to have the occasion to work with them again, especially for crucial moments in development.

C.E – Parent of 1


I am the grandmother of two of Kimbo’s former charges. Kimbo was their nanny for four years. They are well established young ladies who have wonderful manners and are polite to all they meet. Kimbo gave them all the necessities they needed during their baby years and has given them all the love and kisses they needed. Kimbo was also a friend to me and I was delighted that they were the one looking after my grandchildren.

Anne – Grandmother

Reliable & Trustworthy

Kimbo has a natural affinity with children and enjoys their job. They were always very reliable and trustworthy. Kimbo is a very hands-on nanny, very good at engaging children in activities as well as dealing with practical matters of childcare, meal times, nappy changing, bathing and supervision.

LH – Mother of 2


LR - Mother of 3

Kim didn't show me how to be a mother but they showed me that I had it in me to do it myself. Hand on my heart, without Kim’s help, I don’t think I would have made it to the woman I am today. Postnatal depression is nothing to be ashamed of and I’m thankful that Kim helped me to realise that.


LN - Mother of 3

Kimbo is a dynamic individual who has a good understanding of childrens' needs and family life.


DN - Father of 3

Kimbo was nanny to our three children for about a year. Kimbo is caring kind and has a genuine love for children. Kimbo's greatest ability is to put themself in the shoes of the children and work out what is happening and hence find solutions for any issues.

Common Questions

How long is a piece of string? My fees aren’t exactly straightforward. It depends on what a client requires from me. If you are worried you may not be able to afford a doula, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I trained with Younique Postnatal in 2018. Younique Postnatal is approved by Doula UK but I am no longer registered with the organisation. In 2019 I trained with Abuela Doulas and you can find me in the Your Abuela directory. I am now training with Doula Trainings International and Cornerstone Doula Training to further my knowledge.

Yes, I am trained in a number of areas including hypnobirthing, pregnancy and infant loss support and a number of complementary therapies.

Birth is sacred. All bodies birth. All birthing people have the right to access support and to give birth without judgement.

I am a cheerleader. I believe in a hands-off approach. I want parents to be able to do things by themselves. If I do everything for them, they will not feel confident enough to be by themselves when the time comes. I love research and I am always trying to keep my knowledge and information up to date. I am able to show parents how to conduct their own research – whatever their question may be.

I am not here to take anyone’s place. I am here to support you and whomever may be involved in your birth, be they a parent of your baby, your parent, your best friend or someone you met at the pub last week! Your [birth] partner may be the one with all of the questions. They may be clued up on everything already. They may need a tag team partner. I am here to make things easier for everyone.

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