Babywearing Consultant

In July 2020 I trained with Slingababy to become a babywearing consultant. I had dabbled in babywearing over the years but never really took much interest until I became a doula. Suddenly, I wanted to wear ALL the babies!

As part of my Slingababy certification, I had to create a project to benefit the wider community. I created a babywearing support group for LGBTQ+ parents. If you would like to join the group, please click here and request to join. Please note that this group is for LGBTQ+ parents only.

I offer online consultations for those who already have a carrier but just need help figuring it out.

I am also able to come to you if you live locally. Use the form below to request an up to date list of babywearing equipment available for demos or for hire or to book a consultation.

I have a large range of carriers for you to choose from and I will do my best to help you figure out what works best or you. You then have the opportunity to hire a carrier from me or I can help you find a supplier to purchase your own. I will teach you how to carry your baby/child confidently, safely and comfortably. I have different sized dolls that you can use before you put your baby in.

Consultations are one-to-one but you may have other family members present if you so wish.

Need Support?

Let’s Chat! Drop me an email using the button below, telling me a bit about your needs and I’ll get back to you.